Brian Williams Incident

Jack Jablonski
Jour 201

Brian Williams Code of Ethics

Over the past decade that Brian Williams has been on the air, reporting through major events such as the Iraq/Afghanistan war, Hurricane Katrina, and assassination of Osama bin Laden, mistakes have been made with his storytelling and reporting. Unfortunately, Williams has failed to seek and report the truth regarding the Iraq helicopter incident leading to further investigations over other stories he has reported. The first time he reported it on the air, he reported the truth as any professional should in his business. As years passed, his story changed and, with it, so did his accountability. Failing to promptly admit and correct his mistakes he has violated the code of ethics of professional journalism. Williams failed to avoid misleading the public by embellishing his personal encounters in Iraq. Falsely reporting who was in which helicopter that was hit by an RPG and further claiming his helicopter had been affected ground fire, Williams did not abide by the high standards expected by his position. Because of his previously accepted credibility, no one questioned his version of events. Acting independently, Williams was unable to tell the truth, changing his personal story from Iraq. Misrepresenting his own facts of the story has now costed Williams his job for the time being and has effected his credibility for the future. Although he has apologized and stepped down, because he broke the code of ethics provided by the Society of Professional Journalists, Williams will have a tough time gaining back his credibility and respect he had earned previous to this incident. As a journalist and reporter, you are expected to tell the truth at all times without embellishing anything, Williams has failed to do so, and will pay the price.

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